If you have hardwood floors in your home, you probably want to preserve their beauty for as long as possible. If you have pets, however, you could be worried that they will actually damage your flooring. Luckily, there are a few steps that you can take that can help you prevent this from happening.

1. Keep Your Pets’ Nails Trimmed

One of the first steps that you can take to help you protect your hardwood flooring is to ensure that your pets always have well-trimmed nails. This can help prevent them from scratching the flooring when they are walking, running and playing in the house. Additionally, trimming their nails is good for their overall health as well. You can purchase nail clippers for your pets’ nails at a pet store, or you can take your pets to a local groomer or veterinarian’s office to have the job done.

2. Use Rugs

It is always a good idea to use rugs in the more high-traffic areas of your home. This can help protect your flooring from your pets’ paws and from you and your family members’ shoes as well. Plus, they can feel good underneath your feet when the rest of your home is filled with hardwood flooring Toronto. For best results with pets, you’ll probably want to use a mat underneath your rugs; this will help hold them in place and prevent them from slipping and sliding around if your pet is running or playing.

3. Clean Up Accidents Immediately

One good thing about hardwood flooring is the fact that it’s easy to clean, so if your pet vomits, urinates or spills water on the floor, you don’t have to worry about the same issues that you have to worry about with carpet. However, this does not mean that these messes shouldn’t be taken seriously. If you allow them to sit on the flooring for a long time, they could discolor the flooring. This can generally be fixed with refinishing, but this can be costly, and it’s probably something that you want to avoid if at all possible. The key is to make sure that you clean up these accidents thoroughly and as quickly as possible to avoid damaging your flooring. Just make sure that you use a cleaning solution that is appropriate for use on floors that are made out of wood.

As you can see, there are a few ways that you can prevent your pets from damaging the flooring in your home. If you follow these tips, you might just find that your pets and your flooring can co-exist quite well and that you can keep your flooring looking good for a long time to come.

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