When you call out the painters to revive your property, you may do so for one or more reasons. By having your exterior or interior repainted, you can cut down on the costs of renovation and give your home a whole new facelift. The following home painting services will help save you money and give you a whole new perspective about your property.

1. Painting Outside Trims

Maybe you cannot afford to paint the entire exterior of your home. Perhaps you home is made with brick or stone but the trims look worn and are chipping paint. If so, you need to give the trims on the outside a whole new look. A professional painter can give you home a whole new type of appeal simply by adding some colour to the trims.

If you want to provide a friendlier and warmer type of kerb appeal, choose an earthy or rustic tone for a colour. You may also think about adding a more neutral shade such as grey or tan. Whatever you choose, you will give your home a more enhanced appearance that will increase the value of your real estate.

2. Painting an Accent Wall

If you cannot afford to have a whole room repainted, including the ceiling, you may want to consider adding colour to one wall in a room. That accent wall will inspire you to redecorate the room with updated furnishings. You do not have to spend a fortune on the furniture either. The addition of an ottoman or two and spreading out throw blankets here and there may be all that you need. The idea is to make an upgrade that is noticeable without spending too much money.

3. Painting the Kitchen Cabinets

One of the best ways to revive a kitchen without installing new cabinets is by having them painted. You do not even have to have the cabinets refaced when you choose this renovation. Professional Burlington painters will remove the hardware, doors, and drawers and repaint the cabinets so they look brand-new. They can easily do this by using a spray paint so no brush marks are detected after the work. If you want to change the looks of your kitchen but your budget prevents you from buying new cabinets, painting is an ideal option. Choose a semi-gloss, low-odour paint for the project. Semi-gloss paint is easier to clean, which is a must for kitchen cabinetry.

4. Painting the Walls and Ceilings of Your Living Area or Great Room

Interior painting, when scheduled, is usually best done in the area that is the most recognized. What do you want people to see when they walk into your home? Usually, if you paint the living area or great room, you will make a solid impression. You can work with a painter to paint the room in two complementary shades or colours. Take time to review the sample paints and consider how the natural light and artificial lighting will affect their appearance. You may need to paint a small part of a wall to see how a colour looks in the day and at night first.

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