Hardwood floors have always been everyone’s favorite. There’s just something about hardwood flooring that gives your entire room a classy look.

You really cannot redo your flooring frequently. So, maintaining it properly is important. Clueless as to how to keep your hardwood floors clean? Listed below are 5 extremely simple tips to keep your house stay in style!

1. Mats Are Your Friends

Okay, you might be wondering how you can show off beautiful hardwood floors if it’s all covered up under the rug. You don’t have to cover your floor entirely, just place mats under the furniture. This way, every time you move your furniture, it does not leave scratches on the floor!

2. Get A Microfiber Mop

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A microfiber mop removes dusts and other allergy-causing agents from your floor. This leaves your floor spotless and clean most of the time and doing this everyday is essential.

3. Use Wood Cleaners Regularly

Though dusting and removing the dirt using brooms and mops can temporarily clean your floor, there might still be some dust that doesn’t go away. It is recommended you clean your floor deeply once a month to prevent the dust from accumulating. Agents used for cleaning wood and wooden furniture can be diluted and used in small amounts to help clean your hardwood floors better. Just dip a cloth in the diluted liquid and wipe the surface of your floor repeatedly till you see the dust completely going away.

4. Floor Wax To The Rescue

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If your floor has white or dark spots, water stains or any of those ugly blotches, then all you need to do is rub some floor wax and then later rinse it with a damp cloth soaked in water. This method has proven to be effective in removing stains. However, in the case of oil based stains, you can use detergents with water.

5. Polishing and Sanding

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It is recommended you polish your hardwood floor atleast once every quarter and also, refinish the floor once a year. This ensures that your floor stays just as new and shiny as when you first got it.

Maintaining hardwood flooring Toronto just got simple and easy, right? For further step by step instructions on how to clean your hardwood floor, watch the following video:

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