Having your house painted by professionals is exciting and challenging. On one hand you trust them to do an excellent job, but on the other you are concerned about facilitating their work in your home. The following tips help to advice you on how to prepare for professional painters working in your home.

1. Declutter the Work Space

In whatever rooms or areas are going to be painted, remove or cover furniture and furnishings. The painting crew will likely bring drop cloths, but you may want to spread a few of your own. Make the room or area accessible and free of obstacles. Anything that the Burlington painters have to move will take time away from the paint work.

2. Provide a Clear Path

From the driveway to your entrance, ensure the drive, walkway, and porch are accessible. Remove lawn equipment, bicycles, toys, and garden tools from those areas so painting crew can get to and from their truck and supplies as needed. From the entrance to the areas to be painted, clear the way for the crew to come and go as needed. Remove accent rugs, shoes, or other obstacles that could become tripping hazards.

3. Keep Pets and Children Away

Place pets in another area so they can’t bark at or bother the painting crew. Children should also be kept away from the work area to avoid getting dirty from sanded areas or paint drippings. You also don’t want them to encounter accidental safety hazards by toppling a ladder or kicking over a bucket of paint. Adults should also keep back but remain available in a nearby room, telling the crew where you will be, if needed.

4. Be available for Questions

In the next room or nearby, be ready to answer questions about the paining work. You may be asked to check the color, for example. Avoid running errands or staying outdoors out of reach for long periods of time, as the crew may need to consult with you about the work. Occasionally, a glitch will pop up, and they may have to check with you about something.

5. Offer a Cleanup Area

If possible, provide a clean-up area at the end of the day. This could be a laundry room stationary tub, a basement drain, or a bathroom sink. Have clean cloths, a pump bottle of hand soap, and a hand towel for the crew’s use during the day and for mild cleanup when they finish work for the day. You also may want to offer hot or cold beverages and snacks at some point, although this is not expected.

Professional house painting can go a little smoother when you follow the above tips.

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