6 Things to Do When Choosing a Moving Company


Whether you are going to a new town or another state, moving usually opens the door to memorable experiences. However, selecting a wrong moving company can transform a simple moving process into a nightmare. Here are six things you need to do for before choosing a moving company.

1. Conduct Background Check

You should ask your workmates, relatives and friends to recommend any company they know. In addition, research each recommended company online and check the consumer review sites for any complaint. When moving to another state, it is advisable you check whether the mover is recognized by the government. Doing so will help you avoid companies that can complicate your movement.

2. Find Estimates

When you have received recommendations and researched each one of them, you need to request for estimates. Look for estimates from three to five moving companies and compare them. Choose the one that fits within your budget limits.

3. Check If the Company is Licensed

When you are searching for a moving company, make sure that the company has a valid license issued by the relevant Canadian authorities. A license shows that the company has met all the minimum requirements and satisfied the authorities that they have the skills and ethics needed to operate as movers.

4. Check If the Company has Certification

After you have checked licensure, find out whether the company has certificates that enable it to operate legally. Any legal moving company should be able to produce a proof of pro mover certification and Department of Transport License. In addition to these certifications, you should ensure that the company is recognized by the relevant professional bodies.

5. Avoid Generic Language

You should make sure that the company has an address on its website. Call the company’s telephone number to find out if the call is answered with the company’s name. If the company has no specific address and phone number, you might have a problem in contacting them. If you visit Hudson Movers Ltd, their website may provide you with more information.

6. Understand the Liability Coverage

It is good if you hire a company that has replacement value cover. This will give you an assurance that if your items are damaged, the company will reimburse, repair or replace the damaged item. However, this plan may increase the amount you will be charged as a moving fee.

However, if you already have a home insurance, you will be covered for any losses that you may incur when moving. Confirm with your agent if moving is covered by your policy. This will help you avoid extra charges.

Selecting a company to move your items can be stressful. However, when you plan carefully and carry out your research well, you will be able to find a reputable company and also avoid scammers who might prey on you.

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