From one time to another you will need a storage place for your possessions. They can be highly prized possessions such as golden ornaments or priceless ones such as a dresser that you beloved grandmother used. The following considerations will enable you to select the right self storage choice.

1. Customer Service

When contacting the provider of the storage services, it is critical that you evaluate how they handle you. A proper management should treat potential customers well. They should provide complete answers to all the questions that you ask. Also, they should be patient with you. In case you are not happy with the customer service on the first day, there are high chances that you will have issues with them after that. Therefore, you should move on to the next alternative.

2. Cleanliness

No one will desire to have a dirty self storage Oakville. When visiting the place, you should ensure there are clean floors, washrooms, and well-groomed attendants. You will not expect the management to take good care of their possessions if they cannot take good care of their facilities. A staff that cares how their workplace looks will also take good care of your property.

3. Security

Security is a crucial consideration when choosing a place for the storage of your priced and priceless possessions. There are different aspects that you can check for which will help you determine whether the site has good security. They include restricting access to the area, having good lighting, and security cameras. They should also screen the people who visit the facility, even potential customers. It is because a thief could tour the institution as a potential customer only to learn the security measures in place.

4. Size

There are different storage facilities which could store sizes of possessions. Therefore, you should choose a facility that can meet your needs. However, you should be aware that the price increases with size. To ensure that you are economical, you should choose a space where your belongings can just fit perfectly.

5. Accessibility

Accessibility is another consideration. It will depend on the time that you may want to retrieve the stored items. In case, you may want to retrieve the items at night or during the weekend you better look for a facility with 24-hour access.

6. Pests

Most pests love dirty places. However, there are some which can still find clean places a good home such as mice. They can destroy the stored items and cause significant losses. The facility that you are considering should have a plan for addressing pests issues regularly. You can get the information from the facility’s staff.

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