A self storage facility can be used by both residential and business customers. After all, many people have extra items that they cannot or do not want to get rid of, but they also may not have physical space in their home or business property to accommodate the items. If you are preparing to look for a new storage unit to rent, you should be aware of the many differences between the various properties and units that you could rent. In fact, when you walk through these important steps, you can more easily make a wise, thoughtful decision that works well for your current needs.

1. Pay Attention to the Location

The ideal place to store your extra belongings is typically in a location very close to your home or business. Some people may need to access these extra items regularly, and others may only need to access them once every few months or more. Regardless of how frequently you need to open your unit and access the belongings, you do not want to drive a considerable distance to do so. In fact, you may want to explore the facilities that are located within a few miles of your location first.

2. Select the Right Size of Unit

As important as it is to find a storage unit that is in an ideal location, it is also important to find the right size of unit for your needs. To accomplish this task, you must estimate how much space you need. You may want to plan ahead as well. For example, if you plan to store more items in the space within a few weeks or months, you may want to opt for a size bigger than what you currently need.

3. Determine the Need for Climate-Controlled Storage

Many facilities offer both outdoor units and indoor units that are climate-controlled. Typically, climate-controlled units are more expensive. You may also have limited access to your unit around-the-clock, but this is not always the case. Climate-controlled units are generally necessary or ideal for belongings that should not be exposed to extreme temperatures, high humidity levels and other elements.

4. Compare Rates

After you have narrowed down your self storage Oakville facility options based on these factors, you may only have a couple of facilities available to choose from. You can compare the rates between these facilities in relation to lease terms. Many facilities have month-to-month leases that can be cancelled at any time, but these leases may have more expensive rates than leases with a longer term length.

Some people make a hasty decision when renting a storage unit. Because of their rush, they may select the wrong size of unit, or they may pay more than they need to. Focusing your attention on these points can help you to make an excellent selection that meets your needs and that is affordable for you.

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