Four Ways to Make the Most of a Driveway Motion Sensor

Criminals often look for a darkened yard when searching for a home to target. The cover of darkness offers concealment as they try to enter and leave a home undetected by others. Investing in a driveway motion sensor can potentially help you to deter criminal activity on your property. A motion sensor driveway alert may turn a bright light on in the front of your house in motion is detected. Some systems may also alert you through your smartphone or other device, and others even have a video recording function. If you have decided to invest in this type of technology, follow these tips to make the most out of your driveway motion sensor.
1. Buy the Right System
There are numerous styles of driveway sensor products available. Some are linked to a full home security system. Others are simply motion-activated devices attached to a floodlight. The right motion sensor light or alert system will be affordable for your budget and will meet your unique security needs or concerns. Spend time carefully exploring all of the options to make a wise buying decision.

2. Adjust the Settings Properly
In most cases, the driveway sensor will need to be tweaked to accommodate your property’s dimensions and the placement of the sensor in a unique location on the front exterior of your home. You will need to choose a desirable location for the driveway sensor and light to be mounted. Then, you or a professional installer need to make adjustments so that most or all of the driveway is monitored by the system.


3. Check the System Regularly
In some cases, a motion sensor driveway alert system may malfunction. The motion sensor, light or camera may also jostle because of strong winds or other factors. Periodically, check your alert system to ensure that it functions properly. This is critical if you want to ensure that it works properly to keep your home as secure as possible.

Smart Home
4. Invest in Smart Home Technology
Another excellent idea is to invest in smart home technology and to link your motion sensor system to the smart home technology. By doing so, you may receive an alert on your phone when the motion-activated light turns on. In addition, you may be able to view live footage of your driveway if you invest in a system with a camera.

A driveway motion sensor is an excellent tool that you can rely on to help you maximize the safety and security on your property. With many products available on the market today, from suppliers such as Absolute Automation, take time to find the right sensor to use. Ensure that you follow each of these tips to maximize the benefit that it can provide to you.

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