Hardwood flooring has many wonderful and appealing aspects for you to enjoy. From its gorgeous look to its long-lasting durability and more, there are many reasons why homeowners are drawn to this type of floor. However, hardwood flooring can become dented or scratched with regular use. While some materials are harder to scratch than others, all wood can eventually show signs of wear and tear. If you want to keep your home’s floors looking as great as possible for a long period of time, you can easily follow these helpful tips for improved care of your hardwood flooring Toronto.

Implement a No-Shoes Policy in Your Home
While rubber-soled shoes may not scratch the floor, small rocks or pebbles that become embedded in the tread can damage your floors. In addition, some shoes have sharp edges, such as high heels. Others have a very hard sole, and this can scratch or wear down your flooring. A great idea is to implement a no-shoes policy in your home. Your family and guests can walk on socked or bare feet, and this drastically reduce scratches. A side benefit is that your floors may stay cleaner as well.

Use Mats and Rugs
Another excellent idea is to use mats and rugs graciously throughout the space. Most commonly, they may be used at the front and rear doors, and they serve the purpose of collecting any dirt that is tracked in on feet. Mats and rugs can also be used to cover large areas of the floor. While many exposed wood surfaces may show, the use of large area rugs can minimize the likelihood of scratches caused by pet claws, furniture movement and more.

Use Protective Furniture Pads
Most types of furniture have rough, hard edges and corners. Many pieces can slide easily across the floor. For example, a sofa may move backward when you sit down on it. Dining room chairs and bar stools may slide back and forth across the floor with regular use. A smart idea is to invest in protective furniture pads. Place these underneath all furniture that will be used on hardwood floors. In addition, avoid using furniture on hardwood that cannot be used with protective pads. For example, rolling chairs are not suitable for use with protective pads, so you may want to relocate rolling furniture to areas of the home that have carpeting.

There are few things that can be as detrimental to hardwood flooring Toronto as scratches and dents. Wood flooring can easily show wear with regular use, but your effort to beautifully maintain the floor can keep signs of wear and tear at bay. If you are preparing to install a new wood floor in your home, follow these tips for beautiful, long-lasting results.

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